Ryan Shand

Ryan’s unwavering interest in cars started in his youth. In 1999, he decided to turn this interest into a career. His first step was leaving his hometown just outside Charlottesville and heading to Phoenix, Arizona to attend Universal Technical Institute. Following this, he received factory training and completed the BMW STEP program. Upon completion, he found employment at a BMW dealership, then moved back to the Charlottesville area to work at an independent BMW shop. 

After years of working as an auto technician, Ryan was hired to work as the co-host and technical producer of the TV shows Trucks and Truck Tech which brought him to the Nashville, Tennessee area.  He worked on these shows for over nine years and then returned to Charlottesville again and opened his own performance shop before returning to the European car repair industry.  Now, with 20 years of experience, Ryan is excited to be a partner in EuroMotive.

Ryan is a car enthusiast and has enjoyed participating in race and track events in the past. His previous race car was a BMW E30 and he is currently building an E36 M3 as his next race car.  Ryan is married to his wife, Jennifer, a children’s book author and they live in Albemarle County.